If you would like to professionally administer the Keirsey Assessments, you may do so by opening a Keirsey Administrator account. This enables you to provide the assessment to individuals and groups in a private web session. You can use your account for your clients, team members, or even friends and family.

A Keirsey Administrator account is customized to your specific needs. As an administrator, you gain more oversight and options for administering Keirsey versus having your clients take our assessment individually through our general public website. Your account offers the following features and benefits.



Tracks and View Results

Through your Keirsey account, you can track and view each person's results. You can manage results for individuals, teams, or for entire organizations. Your account is hosted on our secure web servers, giving you access at any time, without the need to purchase or install any software.


Group Discount Rates

You can pre-purchase Keirsey Assessments at discounted group rates. The assessment codes you purchase can be used at anytime as they do not ever expire. Purchasing in bulk at discounted rates is a great way to save money in the long run.


Access to Professional Reports

You will have access to reports geared to professionals, teams, and entire organizations, which include team/Organizational DNA reports and other facilitator resources. These reports are only offered through a Keirsey Administrator, and are not available to individual consumers who take the assessment through our general public website.



Customization for Your Needs

You can tailor your clients' experience through features which include:  a customized web page with a welcome message and your company logo; the ability to turn on/off report access for users; the ability to receive email notifications whenever your participants take the Keirsey Assessment.


Available 24/7 for Participants

Your participants have the flexibility to take the assessment online at any time, from anywhere in the world. Scoring the results for the Keirsey Assessment happens automatically through our online system, and reports are generated instantaneously for your review.


The Best-Fit Online® Process

Your participants will have the benefit of the Best-Fit Online process, which is a tie breaking mechanism, designed to more effectively discern the personality type of an individual who is bordering on various possible results. This automated self verification process is only available through a Keirsey Administrator.