We don't require certification, but, we think that it's in your best interest to get trained with us. In other words, we recommend it highly.

Through self study, you can certainly learn a lot, as our materials are written to be self-explanatory. However, we'd say that you'd be somewhat limited. Getting certified will help you to utilize temperament with expertise. We have observed that there is a huge difference between those who have studied Keirsey on their own and those who have undergone certification. To be quite frank, we have found that those who are not certified only tap into a fraction of the capabilities of Keirsey. And in many cases, we have found that even highly capable professionals have often been utilizing Keirsey erroneously for many years without even knowing.

If the White House called and asked you to come this afternoon to facilitate a discussion with the President's cabinet, would you be able to do it? Well, our certification trainers would do so with zero hesitation, without even needing to prepare. And they'd knock it out of the park. Not to sound overly confident, but, we're the best in the world at what we do. We've trained the best of the best, at the highest levels of every sector.

Through our certification programs, we pass on to you all of the insights we've gained in working with clients in just about every industry there is. We also pass on to you, "best practice" methods and principles for the big issues you will find to be universal with your clients, (i.e. conflict resolution, team building, leadership development, recruitment & hiring, sales & marketing, organizational strategy, coaching, therapy, spiritual growth, talent management, mergers & acquisitions, and many more). There isn't a people issue we haven't encountered, and we pass on whatever we've learned to you through our certification programs. You won't be just learning the Keirsey Temperament model, you'll be learning how to apply the model for various solutions and settings.

The cost to set-up a Keirsey Administrator account is $150, however, this set-up fee is waived if: (i) your initial purchase of online Keirsey reports exceeds $300 (at the time of account set-up); or (ii) if you enroll in our certification program; or (iii) if you have a Keirsey Signature Workshop conducted for your organization.

No, there are no renewal fees. However, if your account has no activity for more than 24 months, it may become inactive.

Yes. Keirsey reports are generated instantaneously upon completion of the Keirsey Assessment. As a Keirsey Administrator, you can decide whether you want your clients to be able to see their reports right away, or if you as the administrator will be the only one with access until you provide access.

For individual Keirsey reports, they are generated instantaneously as a PDF file, which can be opened within your web browser or via any PDF reader. For team reports, we require some verification from you on the details to be included in your report (i.e. organization name, team name, team leader, and team members). To generate a team report, you will need to contact us when everyone on a team has completed the Keirsey Assessment. Once details are verified by you, the turn-around time for a team report is usually 2 business days.

Once you submit payment for your order request, we can normally set up your account by the next business day. If you need it sooner than that, ask us to expedite it for a same day set up, and we'll do the best we can to accommodate.

The program was designed to be a self-paced experience. The more time you can commit and invest in the program, the faster you will complete it. People are different, so faster people take about 4 weeks to finish everything, and the slower ones can take up to 6 months (which is the maximum time we allow). The fastest we have ever seen someone complete the entire process is one week. To complete all four phases of the certification process most individuals invest anywhere from 25 - 40+ hours.

Keirsey is not affiliated with any specific governing bodies who issue CEUs. Basically, what that means is that you would need to find out whether the agency you are seeking CEUs from likes us. In most cases, those who have gone through our program have been awarded CEUs whenever they have sought them out. If you need assistance in applying for CEUs just let us know, and we'll be glad to help you out.

We provide the opportunity for you to include your logo on a customized web landing page.

If you open a Keirsey Administrator account or become certified in Keirsey we provide you with a secure private web portal to manage your users.

The administrator account is where you can track, review, download, and print everyone's Keirsey reports. We provide you unique passwords which are linked to your account that you provide to your clients. As each of your clients use their unique password to take the assessment, their results automatically appears in your administrator account.

Becoming certified has many advantages which include: preferred pricing; access to best practice methods; insights from Keirsey temperament experts; access to your own Keirsey Coach; discounts and special promotions; complimentary administrator account; complimentary assessments; access to various Keirsey resources (only offered to those who are certified); and invitations to participate in various research initiatives. Most importantly, you will be recognized as being head and shoulders above the rest, because of the brand name recognition of a premiere personality assessment in the industry.

If your organization implements Keirsey for the long-haul, the savings you incur from Certified Partner discounts will cover the cost of the certification program. The discounts applied for Certified Partners are in addition to discounts available for higher quantity purchases, and any other special discounts which apply to organizations in the following category: academic; non-profit; government; military; and faith-based organizations.

Yes, in fact, we would say that training with colleagues is one of the best ways to learn because this format allows you to have a shared experience where you learn, discuss, laugh, and brainstorm ideas together. There is a significant cost savings for training together. The first registrant pays the full course tuition rate, but any added persons pay a fraction of the full rate. And for groups of 6 or more individuals we offer a flat rate for the entire group.

When we conduct a workshop with you, we take care of it all so that you can be a participating leader or member of your team. The advantage of having an outside facilitator is that a neutral third party perspective is brought in. Additionally, we are able to pass on insights to you from the extensive client work we've done with other high performance teams throughout the world. The dialogue we are able to create with you is dynamic. The insight offered from the research we've conducted with world class teams is unparalleled. Clients have repeatedly stated that a Keirsey workshop is a transformational experience.

Organizations that leverage Keirsey to the max have their entire organization take the individual Keirsey assessment. Team reports are also generated to conduct an overall analysis of the dynamics portrayed within different groups or divisions. Investments are also made by organizations in their internal HR professionals by getting them trained and certified in Keirsey. Organizations also rely on us to provide Keirsey Signature Workshops for managers and leaders within their organization. Some organizations that have annual companywide retreats or conferences will leverage us for keynote presentations and speaking engagements. To sustain continual leadership development, we are also relied upon to provide executive coaching and to build leadership development processes for emerging high potential leaders and those in senior leadership.

We offer discounts for governmental organizations, the military, educational institutions, non-for profit, and faith-based organizations. All of these groups receive a 10% discount on all of Keirsey's online products. These discounts are only available for administrator account holders and can be combined with any other applicable discounts.

Yes, we have a train-the-trainer program. The options for train-the-trainer kind of learning are available in the Temperament Certification program, the Temperament Facilitator Program, the Leaders Journey Coaching Certification and the Keirsey Signature Solutions: Conflict Resolution, Team Building, Leadership Development, Sales, Marketing, and Organizational Strategy.

The Keirsey assessment has been translated into more than 20 different languages. These translations are available in foreign bookstores in different countries throughout the world. The ones that we offer through the a Keirsey Administrator account are: English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, and Chinese. These are the languages which have been engineered into the Keirsey Administrator account platform. If you have a language that you would like to access, we can provide you with details on how they can be made available.

We're very proud of the research that we've conducted. Most of our research is utilized in the client work we do, and is incorporated into our publications and products. So we want to make sure that when anybody is utilizing our Intellectual Property ("Keirsey I.P.") for any reason, that a certain standard of quality and precision is followed. To utilize Keirsey I.P. for research, you definitely need to attain permission from us. To learn more about the guidelines for using Keirsey I.P., please contact us.

All of our content on our website and in our publications is copyrighted. You may refer to it, or point people to it. However, reproduction of any of these materials is prohibited. If you would like to utilize any Keirsey I.P., you would need to attain permission by contacting us.

The opportunities for certified professionals are endless. Most individuals who become certified in Keirsey are already in their specific industries and they basically leverage what they have learned through our programs to apply it in their context. Those who would like to make a career transition or are entering into the first stages of their career can utilize Keirsey to conduct workshops, provide coaching, and consulting services.