Our consultants have worked with teams large and small throughout the world, and are able to provide unparalleled insight into the various dynamics of any type of team.

A Keirsey Certification is unlike any other training program offered of its kind. Traditionally, certification programs are normally scheduled throughout the year at various locations, where people with diverse backgrounds sign up to become experts. An emphasis is made on keeping the content consistent and uniform, so that everyone becoming certified receives the same program, irrespective of what their reasons are for becoming certified. Instructors are mandated to teach the course in a way that participants will be able to master the content in order to pass a certification exam. We have found that this one-sized fits all kind of methodology is ineffective, only yielding short term results.

At Keirsey, instead of offering classes where anyone with any background can sign up, we only work exclusively with you and/or your colleagues in private training engagements. All of our certifications are completely customized to your unique context.  

Why exclusive and private training engagements?

This stems from our philosophy on how learning best occurs. We believe that people are different. All of you come from different industries, face different challenges, have different solutions you'd like to master, have various educational backgrounds, have different temperaments, and different learning styles. We measure the effectiveness of a certification program not by how well you do on an exam, but by whether you are making an impact with what you've learned in your unique world.

Our desire is to create a connection with you that is deep, long-term, and meaningful. Almost all certification programs have a primary goal of making sure you know the content. We think that this is only the beginning. We believe that for a connection to occur during the training process, that we need to create chemistry between the content and your context. For example, a sales professional, versus a therapist, a religious leader, an HR director, a creative professional, a CEO, a life coach, a military leader, or a professor all have different contexts. We provide our certification in a way where we bridge the content to each specific arena for many different applications of temperament. To effectively do this, we believe that this occurs best when we are working with you very personally, where you are not receiving a generic program, but rather, one that is tailored to you.

What certifications do you offer?

We currently offer three distinct certifications. The first place to start in your training journey with us is to enroll in our flagship program, the Keirsey Temperament Certification. From there, you can choose to go deeper, on a specialized path toward facilitating Keirsey workshops with groups or to do more one-on-coaching engagements with leaders. The Keirsey Temperament Facilitator certification along with our train-the-trainer series for our Signature Solutions are available for facilitators who would like to specialize in the art of facilitating Keirsey with groups. For those interested in a pathway for leadership development in life/executive coaching, we offer the Keirsey Leader's Journey certification. The emphasis of this program is to impart our processes on how to go deep with leaders in an extended one-on-one coaching engagement.

We welcome you to our certifications and hope to journey with you.

Client Testimonial

"As a corporate trainer, I'm in the process of bringing this training to the company, and I must say, it has proven to be among the most popular and sought out offerings we have… I would absolutely recommend this training to others. The course was well organized and paced, and the support materials were extremely valuable resources."

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