About the Program

The Temperament Facilitator is a program designed to specifically help you reach your highest potential for utilizing Keirsey with mastery. Our aim is to help you become an engaging, dynamic, insightful facilitator who understands how to use Keirsey in your own natural style with a wide spectrum of audiences. Our master facilitators will take you through our training process in a customized manner where we work exclusively with just you—in a one-on-one capacity. This program is reserved for those who have already become Temperament Certified. It is the natural next step for those who are certified in Keirsey to harness the knowledge gained to impact groups through masterful facilitation.

Our Approach

We take a distinctive approach through this program to help you gain expertise to be masterful in using Keirsey as a consultant, speaker, trainer, and coach. We pass on the best of our best to you, by equipping you to utilize our best-practice methods which we have learned, developed, and refined through our client work. Irrespective of the type of clients you work with, whether it be teams in business, government, military, faith-based organizations, entrepreneurial startups, athletics, the arts, or social enterprises, we will train you to facilitate at your best. Articulated below is our approach we take with you through the Temperament Facilitator program.

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