"Keirsey has opened a new level of business opportunities with companies we work with in our Sales and Marketing training programs… It is the perfect complement to our programs, enabling us to give our clients a deeper perspective on how to engage buying influences in complex selling situations and how to frame their presentations and negotiations in a way that will resonate with their target customers. We consider the work being done by Keirsey as a best practice in this area…"

"Keirsey has provided an instant understanding of why my partner and I have been able to work so well together, each applying our natural strengths… It is truly remarkable how true to form our profiles have been."

"I am telling people that this is a wonderful and accurate resource that will help people better understand themselves and appreciate the diversity of people around them."

"Keirsey is in my opinion, vital knowledge for any individual or organization and has certainly had a profoundly positive impact upon my life and I am most grateful for it."

"Using Keirsey has impacted morale and productivity in noticeable ways."

"I want to thank you and commend your organization on what I consider to be one of the best, if indeed not the best learning tools I have ever seen and used."

"With this information, it has empowered me not only to manage myself affectively, but others as well."

"Sharing our temperament sorter results with each other has enabled us to appreciate and understand each other's skills and how we interact with one another. We also seem to communicate better now that we know different personalities within our group prefer different types of feedback."

"I have a better understanding of how I can better interact with those that I work with and why. I have more patience and understanding for our differences."

"I think more than even knowing how to approach coworkers for assistance or information, I have learned how my personality affects the way I work and get things done. I would certainly recommend this to others. It was fun, exciting, thought-provoking, and insightful."

"It has broadened my appreciation of the different ways to approach people and how you should approach different personalities in different ways. This was very eye opening."


"It has made me rethink on how I approach fellow workers with my presentation of ideas or concepts. This was great for me because if you are looking to improve yourself, you must know yourself. The workshop enabled me to see not only myself, but how others see me and how I see them."

"Keirsey helped me understand some of the differences in how we, as different types, communicate and respond to input from others. It has made me more aware of areas of both strength and weakness. I would say that the services you provide are very thought-provoking and useful."

"I learned how my team members and Supervisor perceive their environment, and how to deal effectively with them. I learned why my wife gets so bent out of shape about things, and how to help her calm down when she gets upset… I thought this was the best conference we have had."

"I would rate this [workshop] as our best yet... none have proven to be so immediately applicable and important as this year's. Thanks again for a wonderful event..."

"The facilitator had a warm and welcoming presence."

"[Keirsey] engages the audience without being invasive, and gives real world answers to issues we face every day, both in and outside of our work environment."

"This session was one of the best sessions we have had. I believe that the entire audience was able to find key takeaways from the material that will be long lasting The information provided was very eye opening and relevant."

"I walked away with something actionable immediately. [Other workshops] have presented great concepts; [Keirsey] went beyond concepts to things I could act on. I felt more empowered toward self-improvement after this particular conference. I would recommend [Keirsey] to others. I would tell [others] to prepare their teams to have deep discussions of interpersonal relationships, how people think, and why we react to each other the way we do."

"Every year we have an annual leadership conference at our company, and this was by far the best one. The best thing is that the information pertained to me... I will use the information I learned most likely throughout the remainder of my life."

"[This] will help with development plans and in knowing the learning style of each person, how they respond under stress and how they interact to others. This was an enlightening experience…"

"Unlike many other topics covered in leadership classes [Keirsey] is both relevant to the masses as well as helpful and functional in many different areas of life (personal/professional relationships). Not many leadership type topics can say that (accurately). At the risk of sounding redundant I truly believe this session was much more relevant to all parties involved. Usually you find a segment who really receives a benefit whereas this topic finds its home with everyone from a CEO to a first year / first job new professional. I'd most assuredly rate this one as the best of the five we've had and I feel sorry for the group/presenter next year."

"I would rank this as the best workshop yet... This was time well spent."

"I've been to hundreds of programs over the past thirty years… And I'd have to say that Keirsey was the best workshop I have ever participated in."

"Despite having participated in many personal development and training courses, the Keirsey training pulled all that previous knowledge together… I have become so aware of how I communicate with friends and family and can now, as a result of the training, quite easily steer my conversations with them, from their perspective—this makes for much richer interaction, because people like to be understood."

"Dr. Keirsey is absolutely one of the great thinkers and contributors to the success of the on-going exploration and understanding of human behavior and temperament. My hope is that he realizes the value and impact of his contributions, which are a direct result of energy, purpose, time, commitment and research. He can be pleased and proud of the difference he has made. May I extend my sincere heartfelt thanks to him and his supporting cast. Well done."

"This is the type of training one wishes they would have had access to at the beginning of their career. I can't even begin to estimate the positive impact this would have made in my career early on, not to mention the frustrations and headaches that could have been eliminated along the way. I would recommend this training to any company that I work for now or in the future, at every level of the organization."

"After three months of working closely with the CEO, whom I did not know before, it was clear that he and I had two very different approaches to leading the company… Since undergoing the Keirsey training, our working relationship has improved immensely."


"The Temperament Certification training was an excellent investment. It was extremely helpful in understanding how others may view the types and their usage of the materials in their industries. I highly recommend this training to any individual or organization that wants to gain insight in progressing to the next level in human potential. This was one of the most meaningful trainings I have ever taken!"

"What I especially like about the Temperament Certification program is that it is structured in a natural, no-hype, no-fluff manner with practical examples provided to clarify the different temperament types. I am able to reference these examples and use them frequently in my interactions with friends and family. It has also helped my wife and me better appreciate the evolving talents of our children and areas where we can develop a stronger bond with them. What a great gift at this stage in our lives."

"Even though I am qualified on the MBTI and have been studying Type and Temperament for about 20 years, I was surprised at how much I learned that was new information. I really enjoyed the focus on observing behavior—what people say and what they do. It is so much easier to listen to what people say and watch what they do to better understand them than to try to figure out their cognitive processes. I have already recommended this training to several other coaching professionals… I think this training is excellent."

"The Temperament Certification has greatly impacted the way I approach my job. It has given me a unique perspective into what motivates and drives both my peers and superiors, which has enabled me to understand them better, and enhance those relationships."

"The Temperament Certification class provided me with a clear and concise approach to executive coaching. The material was presented in a very comfortable setting and at a pace, which allowed it to be thoroughly internalized. While my initial reason for taking the Temperament Certification training was in furtherance of creating a new business in executive coaching, it has also paid great rewards in my personal life and in my relationships with others dear to me."

"This is truly a learning experience which I continue to enjoy and appreciate. Please accept my congratulations and gratitude for a job well done. The knowledge and insights you have provided will unquestionably assist and serve to help me in my endeavors to promote the value and need for understanding temperament in many various applications and settings."

"Temperament training itself is essential learning for everyone, but in particular for professionals in a formal leadership and/or human resources/organizational development role. I sincerely believe having an understanding of temperament for these individuals can make the difference between success and marginal performance."