Portrait of the
Artisan Composer ISFP


Composers are attuned to sensory variation, which gives them an extraordinary ability to work with the slightest nuances of color, tone, texture, aroma, and flavor. They have an unusual gift for grasping what fits and what does not fit in any and all kinds of artistic works. When an especially gifted painter, sculptor, choreographer, film director, song writer, playwright, poet, novelist, chef, decorator, or fashion designer shows up, he or she is likely a Composer.


Composers make it a non-negotiable to carry themselves with grace and elegance. They create their art in a way that reveals beauty and finesse. It could be said that their movements are poetic. These quiet individuals make impactful statements through their actions. They carry themselves with a calm composure where beauty and sophistication radiates from within. Composers take great pride in treating others with dignity, grace, and class.


Composers are so absorbed in their art, that their artistic expressions naturally emerge as though it is an extension of who they are. Often seized by the act of artistic composition, it is easy for them to get caught up in a whirlwind. The creation of their art is not preparation for something later, nor is it artful play; it is a deep sensual connection with the art itself. This ability to lose themselves in action accounts for the spectacular individual works some Composers produce.


Composers approach their art by spontaneous impulse. When these individuals feel the itch, they cannot resist the urge to give in to the moment. They work best when they have flexibility, freedom, and space to be creative. Sticking to a strict regimen or script stifles them. They prefer to create the moment by allowing the moment to take on a life of its own. They live intensely in the here and now, with very little planning or preparation.


Composers reside in their own internal world, where an array of vibrant movements governs their reality. These sensitive individuals have a quiet reserve, and in general are very difficult to observe, making them probably the least understood of all. Perhaps such misunderstanding comes from their tendency not to express themselves verbally, but through action. In those cases where virtuosity is achieved, they may be celebrated but their nature is still far from visible.


Composers are considered to be the kindest of all. Their kindness is unconditional, when carried to its most extreme form. They lead with a gentle touch in a friendly manner. These tenderhearted leaders are especially sensitive to the pain and suffering of others, and with a sympathetic impulsivity they give freely to the sufferer. While they enjoy their personal freedom, and roam when the opportunity presents itself, they seem to value the intimacy and loyalty of a small group.

A Collection of
Artisan Composers

  • Martha Graham
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Jackie Onassis
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Barbra Streisand
  • Bob Dylan
  • Meryl Streep
  • Gerry Spence
  • Coco Channel
  • Mel Brooks