Portrait of the
Idealist Champion ENFP


Champions have a wide range and variety of emotions, and a great passion for novelty. It is important for them to embark on a journey that feels fresh, new, original, and unique. Anything less feels stale and something that they cannot be passionate about. Their feelings are powerful, and so they seek to inspire and motivate others to feel as they do. Champions inspire because they have first been inspired. Their passion can only be displayed when it is the natural overflow of what resides within.


Champions have a probing nature, always exploring to find the idea or opportunity which holds promise. Believing that the world is interconnected, people are interrelated, and ideas are interdependent, these natural surveyors look for patterns and relationships. Their continual exploration makes them exciting to be around. Once people or projects become routine, Champions are likely to lose interest. For "what might be" is always more fascinating than "what is."


People-to-people work is essential for Champions. They are outstanding in getting people together, and are good at initiating meetings and conferences. They are good with people and make extensive use of their interpersonal powers. They usually have a wide range of personal contacts, expending energy in maintaining both professional and personal relationships. Champions prefer to approach relationships in an inclusive and collaborative fashion, where everyone has a voice, and mutual respect is paramount.


Champions are tireless in conversing with others. Their enthusiasm is boundless and is often contagious, making them the most vivacious of all. Their irrepressible expressiveness compels them to be the champions of causes, and their exuberance emanates from within. Their enthusiasm is received by others as an authentic expression. For Champions, "what they do" is not mere activity, it is an extension of "who they are"—it is tied to their identity.


Champions strive toward a kind of spontaneous personal authenticity. This intention always to be themselves is usually communicated both verbally and nonverbally to others, who find it quite attractive. They feel most alive when they are authentically expressing themselves and connecting with others. When Champions do not feel connected in a personal way, they can feel as though their efforts are somehow disingenuous. Their yearning for authenticity is not just for themselves, but they seek it out in others as well.


Champions are always seeking to find new outlets for their inspirations. They find themselves scattered with many interests. This allows them to pull together elements from unusual places to create an integrated juxtaposition. They are unconventional and possess a nonconformist nature. This creativity empowers them to be great at having an alternative perspective. Champions are dreamy and highly imaginative, leading them down various paths which eventually merge together in ways that are meaningful for them.

A Collection of
Idealist Champions

  • Helen Keller
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Molly Brown
  • Dalai Lama
  • Joan Baez
  • Sargent Shriver
  • Ariel Durant
  • Bono