Portrait of the
Rational Fieldmarshal ENTJ


Fieldmarshals are born to lead—always proactive, always taking charge of groups and situations, to rally for successful outcomes. They cannot sit idly by waiting for something to happen. From early on, they are readily seen as the types who are "bound to lead others." Even as children, whether it be on the playground, or in organized leagues, they can be observed taking command of groups. These decisive and outspoken leaders take total command, and leverage all available resources to reach their objective.


Fieldmarshals have the natural ability to marshal forces in preparation for launching major enterprises and strategic initiatives. Once they can visualize their objective, they commit, and move at lightning speed. These leaders want to get to it right away; they have no patience for delays. They aggressively seek out, and capitalize on opportunities by leveraging anyone who can help to make it happen. Fieldmarshals are always moving forward to build their enterprise.


Fieldmarshals are gifted with strategic intelligence, and they set their sights high at achieving worldwide aims. They are extremely talented at coordinating personnel and resources in the service of reaching a well-defined goal. They are deliberate and focused on ensuring that every course of action is relevant, and bears lasting results. They have a macro-level perspective, keeping a big picture view at all times. Fieldmarshals are intent on creating alignment of every effort to the strategy so that the goal is accomplished.


Fieldmarshals have a gift for turning lofty, abstract ideas into concrete directives. This ability to clarify complex concepts is what causes others to get on board with their mission. They are direct in their communication, always seeking to bring clarity on their vision, and the direction they are asking others to take. They can be quite expressive, and will in no uncertain terms get their point across. They find ways to creatively communicate their ideas through multiple channels in order to reach a wide range of people.


Fieldmarshals have a strong natural urge to bring order and efficiency wherever they are. Every operation required to achieve an objective is executed, and all unnecessary operations are eliminated from the planned sequence of events. They do not hold any processes or regulations to be sacred. Ineffective actions are easily abandoned when it can be shown to be misaligned with the goal. They question the status quo, assuming that more can be learned, and that change must occur in order to be effective.


Fieldmarshals are able to mobilize with confidence because the vision is so clear to them and must be achieved. The vision is the fuel they use to create action. They make every effort to make their visions sound compelling in order to generate momentum. They make the vision specific, so that it can be implemented. They understand that great visions attract great people like a magnet. Fieldmarshals do whatever it takes, to see their vision come to full fruition.

A Collection of
Rational Fieldmarshals

  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Rick Warren
  • Golda Meir
  • Jack Welch
  • Grace Murray Hopper
  • Frederick Douglass
  • Francis Hesselbein
  • Douglas MacArthur
  • Indra Nooyi
  • Edward Teller