Portrait of the
Rational Mastermind INTJ


Masterminds understand the logical consequences of each move, and easily grasp how each step necessitates or entails the next. They design plans for all the contingencies which are bound to arise. They see the forest from the trees, and foresee systemic errors when any complex project is undertaken. With a supremely objective view, these pragmatists are not easily swayed by emotion, hope, luck, or chance. Masterminds always have a Plan A in mind, but are always prepared to switch to Plan B, C, or D if necessary.


Self-confidence is the trademark for Masterminds, and therefore, decisions come easily to them. They are driven toward completion and results, always with an eye to long-term consequences. They have an inner drive that is unparalleled, and are completely self-assured. When their mind is made up, it is because they have sufficiently analyzed the situation, to leave very little room for doubt. Masterminds have a certainty about their capabilities to overcome any obstacles which stand in the way of winning the prize.


Challenges and difficulties are highly stimulating to Masterminds, who thrive on confronting a problem that requires a creative solution. They take a systemic approach in their analysis. Therefore, when they encounter problems of overlapping functions, duplication of effort, inefficient communication channels, and waste of human and material resources, they are quick to realign operations toward the forgotten goal. Masterminds are dedicated individuals whose commitments are directed toward the system.


For Masterminds, every plan has a purpose, and every step exists for a reason. Order is never arbitrary—every part must have a deliberate, strategic intent if it is to be included in the master design. At the same time, they are highly adaptive and are always ready to change course if new factors are presented. Plans are never set in stone, as they are always subject to improvement. Masterminds are not concerned with ideas, for their own sake, but rather are interested in ideas for their use and utility in reality.


Masterminds have an unusually strong will; they are tenacious, determined, and resolute. At times, because of their drive, and intensity of focus, they can often become single-minded, and can be hard driving with others. They have a competitive force that comes from within, and a fierce iron will, which drives them toward excellence and superiority in every undertaking. They are high achievers, and push themselves harder than anybody else. Masterminds work best when the stakes are high, with people who are highly competent.


Masterminds make their best contributions with their insights, and are often heralded as providing thought leadership to their various domains of influence. They seek ideas which are relevant for reframing, and aim to reshape reality as it is conventionally perceived. They are ingenious in integrating seemingly contradictory concepts into a unified framework. Masterminds are thoroughgoing pragmatists, seeing reality as nothing more than a chess board for working out and refining their strategies.

A Collection of
Rational Masterminds

  • Ayn Rand
  • Peter Drucker
  • Susan B. Anthony
  • Bill Gates
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Alan Greenspan
  • Lisa Meitner
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Ayaan Hirsi Ali
  • Lee Kwan Yew