Live Workshop

As a participant of a Live Workshop, we provide your team with a fully customized workshop experience, prepared exclusively for your group. This workshop format is a dynamic, engaging experience, filled with animated discussion, interactive activities, collaboration, and teamwork. For a Live Workshop, a Keirsey Temperament expert travels to you, to facilitate the workshop on-site with your team. A Live Workshop provides the appropriate forum to openly discuss the most important issues and challenges you face as a team.

Participants describe a Live Workshop as being transformational, providing an unparalleled awakening to oneself and fellow team members. The advantage of this format is that it is conducted face-to-face, where there is the power of a shared experience. Our consultants offer a neutral third-eye perspective; providing unique insights, which can often be missed by those who are involved in the situation themselves.

Key Characteristics

We have designed these sessions to help you to identify solutions to take your team to the next level of effectiveness. Our clients have described Live Workshops as having the following characteristics:

  • It helps team members to recognize and celebrate each other’s talents, so that everyone can be aligned to accomplish the most important strategic initiatives for the team.
  • It allows everyone on the team to remove themselves from the daily routines of life so that they can be reflective about their most important roles and relationships.
  • It provides the opportunity for colleagues to engage each other face-to-face in an intimate setting where issues are brought to the forefront.
  • It is utilized to offer an unbiased perspective on the overall health of the team, so that a team knows where they stand and how best to maximize their potential.
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