As a participant of the Train-the-Trainer program, our goal is to enhance what you already do for clients. Whether we are working with an internal trainer within an organization or with an independent consultant serving a wide spectrum of clients, our goal is to partner together to bring the most relevant and useful aspects of Keirsey to your audience. We offer trainers specialized knowledge to either be used as supplemental content for the programs that you already offer, or as a plug-and-play solution. Through the Train-the-Trainer program, we offer resources, best-practice methods, and years of experience and research to add to your tool belt.

Train-the-Trainer is the perfect solution for organizations that have a strong training and development program already in place. This allows internal trainers to filter what they learn so that they can communicate it in a relevant way into their culture. Train-the-Trainer is also an ideal program for independent consultants who would like to expand on their client offerings. We realize that trainers are often responsible for researching, designing, building, and delivering their programs; all of this can be overwhelming. Train-the-Trainer allows a trainer to focus on delivering a program with the confidence that client deliverables are backed by years of research and thoughtful design.

Key Characteristics

Our clients have described Train-the-Trainer as having the following characteristics:

  • It enables trainers to become the "go to" expert on personality types by expanding their knowledge base.
  • It provides trainers with a new lens to examine the client work they do, and delivers the insight needed to make critical enhancements.
  • It empowers trainers to work more effectively with a wider range of topics, and with various types of audiences.
  • It offers trainers tangible, user-friendly, resources, best-practice methods, and content to offer their clients.
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