Virtual Injection

As a participant of a Virtual Injection, we provide your team members with a convenient, user-friendly option to share in a dynamic team building experience. This workshop format is a cost effective solution which leverages the power of technology to connect people. In a fast-paced world where team members are always-on-the-go, the Virtual Injection allows for everyone to simply pause whatever they are doing to connect with their team members no matter where they are. People from anywhere in the world, working in different geographic locations, in different time zones can engage together with just a few clicks.

Virtual Injection is the perfect solution for teams who like to learn on the fly. Unlike traditional workshops which are designed to be a more extended process over a full-day or multiple days, this virtual solution is delivered in compact sessions. Virtual workshops are not meant to be full-day segments, it is designed to be a fit for teams who cannot afford to block out extended periods of time for training and development. A Virtual Injection can be an intake of team building during a regularly scheduled meeting, or as a special training segment offered as a no nonsense high impact session. It can become a normal part of your modus operandi.

Key Characteristics

We have designed these sessions to deliver the full value that Keirsey can offer in smaller segments. Our clients have described Virtual Injections as having the following characteristics:

  • It provides a shared experience for colleagues who work together regularly but from remote locations.
  • It can be implemented as an affordable solution into your regular weekly, monthly, or quarterly meetings to make a major impact through regular contributions.
  • It is a great way to plug in shorter Keirsey segments at retreats, conferences, or other off-site meetings with your team.
  • It is used by teams as a sustainment tool for continual coaching and development, to ensure that gains made during prior workshops are successfully implemented.
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