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The Creativity Factor
Connecting Your Brand to Customers


The ability to attract attention is the seed to creating customers.  This is the starting point for turning the interested into a long term relationship.   Connecting with customers should be the top priority for every enterprise, and creative teams are at the heart of this important connection.

For marketers, we believe that connecting begins with understanding three personalities. The person marketing the product has a personality.  The person buying the product has a personality, and the product itself has a personality.  This workshop is designed to help your marketing teams understand how to effectively connect with customers of different personality types. Keirsey provides insight into helping our clients align their brand, and their products to the appropriate customer segments.

We help product designers, marketing strategists, and creative teams gain clarity on the personalities of their customer target. We help creative professionals understand their own temperament, and how that shapes their designs, and we help them understand how temperament plays a key role in attracting a customer. Our mission is to help your marketing teams win customers and retain them for long term success.


Session 1

Different Creative Professionals = Different Kinds of Expression

In this session, creative professionals learn how their own temperament impacts the way they express their strategies and designs in attempting to reach prospective customers.  Creative directors, graphic designers, illustrators, and marketing strategists all have their natural styles of expressing themselves in the collateral they create.  The question is whether their natural styles are actually attracting and influencing their target audiences. 

Session 2

Different Customers Equals Different Ways of Attraction

In this session, creative professionals learn how to analyze and identify the temperament of their target audience.  Whether it be reaching new customers or keeping existing customers engaged.  Creative teams learn that "different customers = different ways of attraction." We provide key insights on how to account for this factor in their marketing strategies and designs.  We teach how to move from expression to connection, so that their designs attract and influence. 

Session 3

What's the Personality of Your Products?

In this session, creative professionals learn that products themselves have personalities.  Introducing a product to the market is about capturing its essence, and positioning it to be attractive. Creative teams are taught how to analyze and identify the natural personality of their products. Whether the product offered is a tangible resource or a service, we teach how to go beyond the concept, design, and function of a product, so that its value to the customer is communicated clearly and creatively.

Session 4

Messaging that Connects with Customers

In this session, we facilitate a candid discussion with the creative team on the potential blind spots of their current brand image, and messaging of their products. We help to align and leverage their unique talent mix to create designs that connect. In this session we analyze current product offerings through the filter of temperament, and generate ideas on how to take their marketing strategies to a new level.