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The Leadership Factor
Selecting, Developing, and Retaining the Best


The ability to attract, develop, and retain high performing leaders equips an organization with the single most competitive edge to be the best in their industry. At Keirsey, we have studied people for more than seven decades. When it comes to understanding the anatomy of leaders, we know what they look like, how they grow, and what keeps them ticking.

Keirsey provides expertise in identifying leadership talent, developing leaders of differing types, and keeping high performance leaders engaged and motivated for the long haul. We help our clients assess their highest performing leaders, and create strategies for ensuring successful hires based on empirical data.

We help design world class on-boarding programs and leadership development initiatives which take into account the unique temperament and leadership styles of individuals. Our mission is to help your organization create and sustain a strategy for leadership development. We look forward to working with you.

what does a workshop day look like?

Session 1

All Leaders Are Different

In this session, participants learn how their inborn temperament impacts who they are, and what they do best. Individuals learn how to identify their natural leadership style and how to identify other styles of leadership. In this introductory session, we provide an overview of Dr. Keirsey's research on temperament, and how this affects one's leadership potential to focus on one's strengths and build around weaknesses.

Session 2

Maximizing Your Leadership Potential

In this session, participants learn how to maximize their unique leadership capabilities and make their deficiencies irrelevant. Participants learn how to strategize their capabilities for a focused mission, and learn tactics for how to grow in their capabilities. In this session, we provide an introduction to Keirsey's research on talent, intelligence, and development, and how this relates to focusing one's life for a well defined mission.

Session 3

Developing your Strengths

In this session, participants learn how to take their strengths to the next level. Once individuals identify their unique strengths, the next step is to move toward developing them for the long haul. Leaders learn how their wiring pattern can be destructive, or be harnessed to create lasting impact. In this interactive session, we provide an overview on how to create a strategic development plan for one's natural talents.

Session 4

Creating a Leadership Culture

In the day's final session, we help leaders to create a leadership development culture for their organization. Participants are introduced to a method for identifying top performers, and how to convert this knowledge to more effectively select, develop and retain high performing leaders for their enterprise. In this dynamic session, we introduce a sustainable methodology that can help organizational leaders to select, develop and retain future emerging leaders