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The Selling Factor
Creating Loyal Customers for the Long Term


Are your customers buying what you're selling? Every customer has a way they prefer to buy—that is, a "buying style."  And every sales professional has a way they prefer to sell—that is, a "selling style." The ability to engage, and create loyal customers is what allows an organization to rise above its competitors.  Irrespective of the type of industry you represent, customers are always buying.  But, the truth of the matter is, if you're not selling effectively, customers are buying from someone else.

For sales professionals, we believe that selling is about understanding three personalities. The person selling has a personality. The person buying has a personality. The product has a personality. This workshop is designed to help your sales teams understand what this means, and leverage the situation to create effective outcomes. 

Keirsey provides insight for sales professionals on understanding what makes their customer tick.  We help them to be able to quickly read a customer and make effective adjustments so that they can reach the customer where they're at.  We help sales teams gain clarity on the personalities of their customer target. We also help them to understand their own temperament, and how that shapes their persuasion tactics and proposals.  We provide an understanding on how temperament plays a key role in the buying patterns of a customer. Our mission is to help your sales force win customers and retain them for long term success.


Session 1

Different Sales Professionals = Different Selling Styles

In this session, participants learn how their own temperament impacts the way they "sell."  Sales professionals all have a natural "selling style," and this session helps individual team members understand their greatest strengths and weaknesses in their most natural sales approach. In this introductory session, we provide an overview of our research on temperament, and how this affects the ability of the sales person to influence their customers.

Session 2

Different Customers = Different Buying Styles

In this session, participants learn how to quickly read and identify the temperament of their potential customer or existing client. Sales teams learn that "different customers = different buying styles," and how to adjust and adapt sales tactics to win the customer. We teach sales professionals how to adapt their natural "selling style" to the "buying style" of their customer. Participants learn how to engage prospects and build loyalty with clients.

Session 3

What's the Personality of Your Products?

In this session, sales professionals learn that products themselves have personalities.  Selling a product to a customer involves a keen understanding about the nature of the product, and how it ought to be positioned differently for different customers. Sales teams are taught how to analyze and identify the natural personality of their products. Whether the product offered is a tangible item or a service, we teach how to sell something more than the concept, design, and function of a product, so that its selling point is on target with the customer.

Session 4

Messaging that Connects with Customers

In this session, we facilitate a candid discussion among participants on the potential blind spots of their current brand image and impression as a sales professional. We help sales teams align and leverage their unique talent mix to increase sales.  In this session we analyze current product offerings through the filter of temperament, and generate ideas on how to take their sales strategies and results to a new level. We analyze difficult deals which were lost, and deals which were won very naturally, and provide a framework for increasing effectiveness.