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The Strategic Factor
Aligning the Whole Organization for Success


The ability to leverage an organization's best strengths for a strategic purpose is what allows an organization to outlast its competitors. We help our clients to clearly define their mission, vision, and values at various levels of the organization, whether it be for teams, divisions, or as an entire corporate body.

At Keirsey our conclusion is that there are certain values which resonate with certain temperaments. And the language we use to describe a vision or a mission resonate with different temperaments in different ways. We help organizations to understand the people dynamics involved in strategic change initiatives and in the architecture of organizational systems. We help clients leverage the greatest strengths of their greatest asset, their people.

Keirsey unravels the complexity behind organizational development, change, culture, and behavior, to provide our clients practical solutions to set the entire organization's people on course to prevail in the long term. Our mission is to help your organization determine the best direction to go, based on the strongest talents of your people.

what does a workshop day look like?

Session 1

Leveraging Your Enterprise's Organizational DNA™

On this day, we provide the 25,000 foot view of the Organizational DNA™ of the enterprise. The leadership team is challenged to consider what their organization is best leveraged to do, given the temperament distribution of the organization. Most organizational strategies succeed not because of the brilliance of a plan but because the right people/talent can execute. On this day, we examine where your organization should focus to yield the greatest return.

Session 2

Creating an Organizational Blueprint™

On this day, we facilitate a process where the team creates a clear and compelling statement on the mission, vision, and values for the enterprise. Participants learn to both express/restrain their temperament in this process to ensure that the "blueprint" is a statement that is the product of synergy, where the "whole team" owns the "whole blueprint". The goal is for the team to come to crystal clarity on their identity as an enterprise in order to leverage for strategic impact.

Session 3

Developing the Strength of the Leadership Team

This day is devoted to understanding the anatomy of each leader on the leadership team. Every leader on this team is affirmed and assessed by their peers. Team members commit to help their peers become the best leaders they can be. They covenant to mutually support the leadership initiatives of each other. Through collaboration, each leader creates a strategic development plan for their core talents and shares their plans with each other to ensure that growth happens.

Session 4

Mobilizing the Whole Organization for Success

This day is devoted to designing the communication strategy of the Organizational Blueprint™. The leadership team determines the precise language that will be used to convey the mission, vision, and values to the rest of the organization so that people with differing temperaments get on board. We devise an implementation plan for both formal and informal communication to produce effective mobilization and alignment of the whole organization to achieve success.