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The Synergy Factor
Does your Team Have What it Takes?


In working with thousands of teams across a wide spectrum of industries, Keirsey has emerged as the leader in understanding how team dynamics relates to the overall performance of a group of individuals. Our mission is to help you create the synergy you need for your team to achieve its mission.

Whether a group of high powered executives of a Fortune 500 company, a team in a nonprofit organization, or a team in an innovative startup enterprise, every team desires to improve their ability to work together to produce far more than they could as individuals. We believe that creating synergy within your teams will take you to the next level. We bring you the insight it takes to move to that new horizon.

Join the thousands of teams who have utilized Keirsey to learn how to navigate and resolve conflict, improve interpersonal communication, to better select and develop talent, to create loyal customers, and to focus on your most important objectives. Our exceptional facilitators will bring you the understanding and techniques you need to make your team world class. We look forward to working with you.

what does a workshop day look like?

Session 1

People are Different

In this session, participants learn how temperament impacts our every day life. Individual team members learn how to move from self-awareness (understanding one's own temperament), to social-awareness (understanding how to work with others). In this introductory session, we provide an overview of Dr. Keirsey's research on temperament, and how this affects one's ability to communicate and contribute in teams.

Session 2

Maximizing Differences

In this session, participants learn how to work together in a way where they appreciate and understand each other's unique talents, and how to maximize these talents for a strategic mission. Teams learn how differences can either destroy, or be harnessed to create, lasting impact. In this session, we provide an introduction to Keirsey's research on talent, intelligence, and how this relates to job performance, optimal role fit, and team chemistry.

Session 3

Developing your Strengths

In this session, participants learn how to take their strengths to the next level. Once individuals identify their unique strengths, the next step is to move toward developing them for the long haul. In this interactive session, we provide an overview on how to create a strategic development plan for one's natural talents. Team members have an opportunity to share their plans with each other to ensure that growth happens.

Session 4

Strategies for your Team

In this session, we facilitate a candid discussion among the workshop participants on the potential blind spots of their team, helping them learn how the team can best leverage their unique talent mix to meet their goals and objectives. They then tackle the unique challenges and opportunities faced by the team, and are benchmarked against other high performance teams in their organization and/or industry to better understand how their team can achieve success.