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The Resolution Factor
Navigating and Resolving Conflict


The ability to navigate through and resolve conflict is the most basic skill that an organization must have for a chance to compete. Keirsey provides organizations with the insight and practical tools to resolve conflict. Our unique approach is based in more than seven decades of David Keirsey's research into human interaction.

Keirsey serves as facilitators to address the root causes of the conflict, and provides practical solutions to remedy the situation. We help our clients create an open, trusting organizational culture, where differences are both recognized and celebrated. We help our clients turn these differences into opportunities for innovation and productivity.

Whether it be clashes between executives or a conflict between a boss to employee, we help navigate through the breakdowns in communication which have a direct relationship to turnover, morale, and performance. Our world class facilitators will work with your team to help you move beyond conflict to chemistry. We look forward to working with you.


Session 1

People are Different

In this session, participants learn how differences in temperament affect the way we communicate and act toward others. Individuals learn how to move from self-awareness (understanding one's own temperament), to social-awareness (understanding how to work with others). In this introductory session, we provide an overview of Dr. Keirsey's research on temperament, and how this affects the relational dynamics of a group.

Session 2

Stress is Different for Everyone

In this session, participants learn how stress is triggered differently for different temperaments. We identify the various signals and signs of trouble, and look at where the common pitfalls occur between different types. This session provides an introduction to Keirsey's research on interaction dynamics, revealing how to deal with stress brought on by ourselves or by clashes between different temperaments.

Session 3

How to Fight Effectively with Others

In this session, participants learn that conflict is inevitable, and that conflict can lead to either innovation or destruction. Participants learn how to navigate through conflict "when it occurs", and not "if it occurs". We help people identify how different temperaments "naturally communicate", and "how they annoy others." We provide potential remedies to use with different temperaments, so that resolution wins over resentment.

Session 4

Moving Beyond Conflict to Synergy

In the day's final session, we facilitate a candid discussion among the participants on the real issues and frustrations that currently exist within their teams, Team members tackle the unique challenges they face as a group and are called upon "to commit" to work through conflict rather than continue "to reside" in conflict. The team is inspired to move beyond destructive tendencies, to harness synergy and create lasting impact.